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Thu Dec 25 23:55:50 2008
All right, so here it is. The brand new posting system for this website! I've wiped out all stuff that was here before during development and testing, but never mind that. It works now =D So expect more random stuff here in the future!

Fri Dec 26 00:01:39 2008
Wow, now I'm bored again. I just might make a bright pink skin for the site. THAT is how bored.

Fri Dec 26 00:17:59 2008
Figured I'd make a logging function to keep the older items, so time for a test.

Fri Dec 26 00:21:56 2008
Ok, so that didn't work to well on the first try. Should now though...

Fri Dec 26 00:24:31 2008
Imagine that! Works like a charm. Read the older posts by clicking on the link "older posts".

Fri Dec 26 00:29:46 2008
Now what do I do?! I guess more pink skinnery...

Thu Jan 1 00:00:31 2009
Happy newyears everyone! And have a good 2009.

Thu Jan 22 00:12:30 2009
Man it's been crazy busy lately. But working on website updates soon. You can look forward to selecting some new styles.

Wed Mar 4 09:47:23 2009
Message posting is now intergrated with the rest of the website. So no more ugly seperate page! =D

Thu Mar 5 00:56:28 2009
Cool Fire is pondering a crowd-sourced media player.

Fri Mar 6 02:28:34 2009
And there it is! CrowdSource media has hit. Check out the link in the menu and blast some tunes into Cool Fire's room when the man is trying to sleep xD (Though we hear he only sleeps once a week.)

Sat Mar 28 00:00:19 2009
Hello people of the internet! We've migrated to some new hardware so some of you might have noticed some downtime. Everything is pretty much back up and running now though. We're also adding some features to the usermin accounts. (Let us know if there's a feature you'd like to see.) Other then that, it's mostly just newer soft- and hardware.

Sun Apr 26 01:06:26 2009
Hello again. We have some scheduled downtime following the 10th of May. This is due to, well me moving. And since all the servers and network stuff is pretty much in my bedroom, it'll take a little bit to move it all, hook it all up, get networks configured and DNS rerouted etc. Anyway, with any decent luck we'll get some bigger intertubes =)
-- Cool Fire

Mon May 4 21:24:23 2009
Move update:
The move has been pushed back a week to the 17th of May.
We've also been able to confirm a faster uplink. It'll be at least 4 Mbit, and we're currently negotiating a 10 Mbit uplink.
The pushback does enable us to set up some network stuff beforehand, which should minimize downtime.
-- Cool Fire

Sun May 17 19:34:29 2009
And we've moved! Live from the new location right now. Just got the server back up and all that. It's all good!

Mon Aug 3 22:09:04 2009
We're working on some programming puzzles right now. Also, we have put the old wargames on the page again. You can find both of them on the 'Games and puzzles' page! We'll also be coming up with some new wargames soon.

Fri Sep 4 01:39:47 2009
There is a simple CMS type system on the way. Content publishing an management designed to be implemented into a new or existing website.

Wed Jan 13 11:05:54 2010
For both new users and existing users; you can now reach your own web folder with both and

Thu Feb 25 15:29:15 2010
Nanobot has been updated to include a !seen command.

Sun May 16 14:04:02 2010
Look, there's a new logo and favicon. It's not yet final though, so don't start pouting about it just yet.

Mon Aug 23 04:44:19 2010
The latest version of Google Go has been put on the server, if you want to take advantage of this newer build, remove the old one and issue the enable_go command again.

Mon Aug 30 20:29:32 2010
WebSVN is now available to everyone with an SVN repository. Find it at

Mon Sep 20 14:57:15 2010
The enable_html and disable_html commands have been renamed to enable_website and disable_website.

Sun Dec 26 00:50:40 2010
Nanobot v3.0 beta 2 is now available!

Tue Mar 1 10:23:59 2011
Nanobot v3.0 final soon to be realeased.
Documentation available now at the Wiki.

Fri Mar 4 15:15:25 2011
The stable release of nanobot 3 is here!
Get it while it's hot!

Mon Mar 14 11:27:46 2011
Following a short power outage and a long, LONG network outage, we're now back online. (Seriously, why does it take my ISP 24 hours to recover from a power outage...?)

Wed Mar 23 14:34:09 2011
Comming soon: Perl based standalone patches for nanobot, and a PerlPatch framework.
Update: Skeleton patch done.

Sun Mar 27 22:10:41 2011
Added pretty URLs. (Mostly for search engine reasons.) Please let us know if you find any dead links.

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