IRC network unreachable

Due to an outage at the upstream provider where we host our IRC nodes, the IRC network is currently unavailable.

We've moved ... again! (Still sort of)

Dear everyone,

We have switched over to a new provider for our upstream gateway. The new povider should give us much better uplink speeds.
This does mean our gateway has a new IP address, so if you have any DNS A records that point to our server, please update them to
Please let us know if anything needs fixing!

-- Cool Fire

Debian Jessie

We've upgraded to Debian 8.0! (Hooray!) In theory everything should work swimmingly but in practice some stuff always breaks. Let us know if anything isn't working the way it should be.

Owncloud available for all users.

We've set up an owncloud server for all our shell users. You can use your normal username and password to log in. You can find a permanent link to the owncloud server in the menu on the left.
Since this is a new service we're offering please do contact us if you find any problems with it.

Released bmp encoder

We've just released a simple Ruby script that allows any arbitrary data to be stuffed into a valid .bmp image. It's something we needed for a small project but who knows, it may be useful to you too. You can find it over on our Gitlab.

TOR search engine

Try our new TOR search engine pre-beta today!
Or the TOR hidden service at zrxjnk5wzzuyyaef.onion

Linux VM for schools

We've launched a pilot project today (Nov. 29th 2011).
Teachers will be able to use this virtual server for a limited time under their full control in order to provide a live teaching environment, and have access to an interface to easily add student accounts.
This project will allow schools and organizations worldwide to offer real experience with a Linux system in their classes, when they don't have the resources to set up their own environments.

New hash database is here

It's taken some time, but the new hash database is finished and online.
It contains 646863295 passwords and their MD5 and SHA-1 hashes.
You can query it here.
For more info, see the wiki page.

Corporate espionage game

Who doesn't enjoy some good corporate espionage?
Go play! You can also track your progress on our old hacking challenges there.
Wargames server